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Tour to Amani Nature Reserve

The Amani Nature Reserve (ANR) was established in May 1997. It covers an area of about 8,380 hectares of pristine forest including some 1,065 hectares of forest from Usambara tea company, managed as part of the reserve.

Further more ANR has a high degree of endemic flora and fauna, and the area is a true representative of the tropical montane forest with a cool climate while being near to the equator and the Indian Ocean. It is considered one of the 25– biodiversity hotspots in the world. The reserve is still virgin with natural ecology of montane rain forest. The species composition is a very diverse and complex structure. There are various reptiles, butterflies, and monkeys. There are also incredible large and tall trees (over 60metres) throughout the reserve, as well as plant species, such as climbers’ parasitic plants, bryophytes epiphytes and lianas being supported by tall plants.  

                Amani Nature Reserve`s main goal is to protect the unique, biologically important montane rain forest ecosystem of The East Usambara Mountains for present and future generations. The reserve also supports large numbers of poor local communities who depend upon natural resources including medicines from the forest. The income for these communities has also increased through employment offered by Amani Nature Reserve, guiding fees, selling of handcrafts and contribution of 20% revenue accruing from the uses of natural resources and services offered by Amani Nature Reserve. 


Ilyatours package suggestion for Amani Nature Reserve (2 nights at Emau Hills):

Travel from Tanga with Ilyatours car all the way to Emau Hills in Amani. Go on a half-day trip in Amani before you overnight in Emau Hills. Day 2 you go for a whole day trip and overnight at Emau Hills again. On day 3 you return to Tanga after breakfast.


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