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Info about The Usambara Mountains and Lushoto

The Usambara Mountains are situated in the North Eastern part of Tanzania between Mount Kilimanjaro and the Indian Ocean . The mountain rises up steeply from the surrounding plains and can be entered only via a few roads. The only tarmac road in the area, although a bit treacherous, winds along a small river to Soni and Lushoto, the largest towns in the area. Due to its pleasant climate, the mountains were favoured by the Germans and the English during Colonial times as is evidenced by the numerous historic buildings in the area. From a distance the mountains are a mosaic of color. On the fertile slopes around Soni and Lushoto farmers cultivate small plots but further away from the town large areas are still covered by dense tropical rain forests. The viewpoints on the southern and western side of the Usambara are well known for the spectacular views of Mkomazi and Handeni plains. Kilimanjaro can be seen on the horizon and at the end of the day the sunset turns the area into a brathtaking pallet of unforgettable colors. 

Eco-friendly accommodation in Lushoto:


Before or after your trip in Lushoto we recommend that you stay at St Eugenes Hostel 

(Montesorri Sisters) in Lushoto. This hostel is not only offering good and clean accommodation. It also offers a training centre for Montesorri kindergarten teachers, kindergarten and nursery school, local banana farms, St Eugenes own organic garden , production of jams, cheese, banana and Rosella wine, tailoring and sweater production and community dispensary. The income from the different production and the organic garden goes to the community and to enhance sustainable development in the Usambara region.