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Day hikings in The Usambaras and around Lushoto

Irente view point (4-6 Hrs)

Start walking from Lushoto through the villages of Maguzoni and Yoghoi to the famous Irente viewpoint about 1500 meters above the sea level where you have the view over the Maasai steps almost 1000 meters below. On the way back visit the Irente Farm where you can sit for picnic lunch before continuing the walk back to Lushoto.


Magamba Rainforest (5-6 Hrs)

This tour begins with an up hill walk from Lushoto to the royal village of Kwembago , where you learn about the cultural history of the traditional ruling clan, the Kilindi. From Kwembago you proceed to the Magamba rainforest, home of black and white Coloubus Monkeys. The return to Lushoto passes an old German Middle School and the village Magamba.


Growing Rock (5-6 Hrs)

Take transport to Soni for half an hour and start walking from Soni via village of Shashui and Kwemula to the Kwamongo peak, famous for its seasonal multicolored butterflies. From the peak you have views of Soni, Lushoto and the Handeni plains. You descend to the village of Magila and visit a soil conservation project. Then back to Soni for transportation back to Lushoto.


Mkuzu Waterfall {5-6Hrs)

Start walking from Lushoto  through the villages and forest uphill to the Migambo peak, about 2,400 meter above sea level, where you have a view over several villages around Lushoto. Then you descend down to waterfalls where you can sit for a picnic lunch. The return trip to Lushoto begins with a walk, followed by transport back to Lushoto.


Bangala River {5-6Hrs}

Begins with a half hour drive from Lushoto to Soni, then walking from Soni via village of Mbuzii and slowly down the steep slopes of the Bangala River valley, at times wading through cool mountain streams that offer a welcome relief to the rising savannah heat. Throughout the walk you will see traditional irrigation systems and beautiful views over the Maasai plains. Before returning to Lushoto you visit a local farm or tree nursery.


Usambara Farm and Flora {4-5Hrs}

This walk takes you through the fertile farmlands of Jaegertal to a fruit tree nursery where you learn about different varieties of fruit trees and their propagation. You can continue uphill to the village of Vuli to learn about local soil conservation, irrigation projects and farming methods. You return to Lushoto via the Arboretum.


Montessori Sisters of Ubiri (4-5Hrs)

This tour takes you for a short walk from Lushoto to the Catholic Mission of the Montessori sisters in Ubiri. On the way you can observe the local life of a nearby town. The last visit is a stop at the Usambara Farm.


Sakharani Wine Tour of Soni (5-6Hrs)

This tour takes half an hour driving from Lushoto to Soni and then walking from Soni through Maweni farm, where you visit the botanical gardens at the farm and the tea plantations in Sakharani. If available you can purchase the locally produced wine.  On the way back you can visit the waterfall at Soni and a colorful market. From Soni transport is taken back to Lushoto.