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Saturday 20.09.2008 10:00
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Its soon full moon once again. That means that you could visit the Sandbank in Tanga for a full moon party, or you could enjoy the full moon party at Zanzibar. It is up to you!

We in Ilya tours would help you to arrange this.


The latest additions to the activities offered by Ilya Tours in Tanga region:

  • Full moon cruises
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Biking tours through Tongoni
  • Tanga city tour with coconut hand craft work shop visit where you make your own coconut jewelry to take home with you.
  • Canoe trip

Canoe trip itinerary:

Want to explore the vast and untouched Mangroves in Mwambani, Tanga by canoe?

This trip starts at 8.30 am from Tanga town. You drive to Mwambani where you start the paddle through the Mangroves which are home to hundreds of species of birds. You are also likely to see local fishermen trying to catch their share of fish for the day as well as big hordes of flying fish. You can also relax and have some snack on a sandbank island which will appear when it is low tide. This is an adventure away from the masses of tourists in the untouched nature of Tanga and an experience you will never forget. The canoes in use are solid and safe, and we also provide life jackets.

Price per person is USD 25,- including car transfer from Tanga town and guide. (Note: You bring your own water and small snack)