Tanga region beaches:

There are several places to go on beach holidays to in Tanga region, but not all of them are very ecofriendly and consider the environment and the people in the surrounding villages when they build and run their resorts. Fish Eagle Point is one beach resort that attempts to be as eco friendly as possible without sacrifising the comfort and experience of the tourist visiting.  The hotel is situated on the coast in Tanga region towards the Kenyan border and is a oasis in the middle of nowhere. They preserve water and are trying to use sustainable power sources such as solar panels.

 Here you will find the ultimate peace and relaxation and enjoy lovely food, beautiful beach cottages, white sand beach, and swimming and snorkelling in the clear blue Indan Ocean.

Pangani is another place in Tanga region with beautiful beaches. There are several hotel resorts and camp sites to choose from. This quiet little town also has a lot of history similar to Zanzibar and is a good alternative to Zanzibar if you like some more peace and quiet and want to avoid the overcrowded tourist places. 

 A few kilometres before Pangani you can also find a new eco-camp site running only on solar panel energy with lots of eco friendly activities to offer on site.  

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Chumbe Island:

Just off the coast of Zanzibar you find Chumbe Marine Park; a small island that serves as a Marine Park and which is completely dedicated for the ultimate eco-friendly beach holiday.

Chumbe Marine Park is nominated to the BBC World Challenge Award and is an absolutely amazing place to visit. The island contains only 7 bungalows, each accomadates 2 people, so all in all there are only 14 guests on the island at a time, making the whole experience even more exclusive. 

From US Dollar 260,- per person per night (US Dollar 280,- in high season) you get accommodation, all food and soft drinks and all tours, snorkelling and diving included in the price.  Chumbe is accessed by boat from Zanzibar. 


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 Zanzibar, Pemba and Kenya Beaches:

 We also offer tailor-made beach holidays in Zanzibar, Pemba and Kenya, both budget beach holidays and luxury beach holidays.

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