Come join us on an amazing biking adventure to Amboni Caves and Galanos hot springs on our new and excellent Mountain bikes or hire our car and driverguide if you do not like biking..


A little info about the Caves:

Amboni Caves are situated in the village of Kiomoni along the Mombasa road, about eight kilometers north of Tanga City. The caves have been developed in the Tanga Limestone series caused by movements of the earth crust. It is penetrated by rain water which mix carbon dioxide. 

This acid solution slowly dissolves the limestone creating underground caverns. The caves are estimated to extend over an area of 234 kilometers. 

The process began in prehistoric times, but the formation of Stalactites and Stalagmites is still continuing to take place today.

One cavern was allegedly used as a hide out by a pair of Robin Hoods during the 1950s Mau Mau insurrection in Kenya (Osale Otango and Paulo Hamis) who according to local legend used to rob from the Europeans to give to the Africans. 

 A little info about the Hot springs:

Galanos Hot Sulphur Springs is about 12km on the way to Mombasa from Tanga city. The spring is still active bobbling from the earth and flowing to form a stream along to the Ziggi River.

The spring is obviously rich in minerals. Evidence of this can be seen in the blue and yellow color deposited in the canal in which sulphur water flowing through from the main sources. 

The hot spring is located in a coconut plantation, and you can enjoy drinking coconut juice and testing the different types of fruits which are growing there. 

Price per person is USD 40,- including mountain bikes, guide, entrance to Amboni Caves, cross over with small canoe to Sulphur springs. (Bring your own water and snack).