Biking Tours

 Half day tour start in Tanga town, go by bike on main road all the way to Tongoni (20 kilometres)

Have chai and chapatti in the village at Tongoni and visit the old Tongoni ruins.

‚ÄúTongoni is a small fishing village situated 17 kilometres south of Tanga City. It was once a prosperous and respected trading centre in the 15th century. Established by the Shirazi of Persian origin who established Islamic settlements in Easter Africa such as Kilwa and Mafia.

Vasco Da Gama, the Portuguese sailor is said to have first visited Tongoni in April 1498. He made a second visit the next year and spent 14 days in Tongoni. Tongoni ruins consist of mosques and tombs, remains of residential house of the first Shiraz and the location of the first port before Tanga.


Lushoto and rain forest bike tours:

1: Starting point: Mullers Mountain Lodge.-Magamba-old saw Mill-Ngologolo-viti-lukozi-passed tower back to Mullers through Magamba.

2: Starting in Lushoto- Gare Mission to Lushoto 40km through the rainforest and village.